Spread Too Thin


Oh, dear readers how do I ever thank you? Your loyalty and encouragement over the past eight years have been simply overwhelming. Every day since the launch of The One Year Book of Inspiration I have been humbled to my core that you allow me to share my thoughts and words with you —and, I love your notes when you share back!

This week I launched my third devotional Spread Too Thin—opting out of frantic living; opting in to lasting peace. Written for you who care deeply, love unconditionally and extend yourselves selflessly, this devotional is an exploration of those things beyond our choices or obligations that have us wrung out—such as the baggage that often contributes to and controls the disposition of our hearts, our state of mind, our physical well-being, and most importantly the condition of our souls. I hope you will find it encouraging as you continue on your search for lasting peace.

Thank you again for inviting me into your quiet time of learning and reflection. I can’t wait to hear how you have adopted the more abundant way!

Love you dearly,