Time for a Makeover


Oh, I love a good makeover! A new cut and color, fresh makeup, and a trendy outfit. I’m a sucker for any reinvention in less than a week. Even better back in the day when the magic of TV could edit and squeeze it into a 30-minute episode of What Not to Wear!

But I know that a real transformation might take years. It took me four years to evolve my blonde pixie to a brunette bob; three years to turn my wardrobe completely over; and four visits to the makeup counter at Nordstrom to find the right shade of “smoke” to highlight my brown peepers. In the real world, lasting makeovers don’t happen in seven days or less. Especially when the makeover is an evolution from what you do today to what God is calling you to do next.

I have enjoyed many positions over my thirty-plus professional years. During this time, I have been blessed with the opportunity to dive into four very diverse careers. Intrigued by my leap from classical piano instructor to Fortune 500 executive to entrepreneur to author, some women ask me how I have navigated this course, and I answer without hesitation:

  • I mustered up the courage to ask God some hard questions.
  • I had an obedient heart when He chose to reveal the answers.
  • And I rooted myself in faith that His sovereign plan would direct my actions (especially when I hadn’t a clue what I was doing).

It was scary. It was challenging. And it was awe-inspiring because I had a front-row seat as God worked miracles, day in and day out. I can tell you firsthand, knowing you’re fulfilling your purpose, what you were designed to do at this particular stage of your life, is exciting but it’s also frightening because sometimes it requires a major change (and I’m not talking about a new shade of lipstick).

Some of you reading this are operating smack-dab in the middle of God’s will, living out your divine purpose, whether you’re at home with your kids, working your dream job, or serving in ministry. But some of you might feel the urging of the Holy Spirit to begin your next gig, and if so, let me encourage you to explore. Look for a creative outlet or perhaps take a class to learn something more about a topic that interests you. Identify those pursuits that both energize you and are glorifying to God. Most importantly, pray for an opportunity in any field for God to use your talent. But don’t get all wiggy if the divine plan isn’t immediately revealed in some spectacular fashion. Like the unfolding of a beautiful novel, the plot is most often revealed only one page, or one day, at a time.

 So, settle in. Pray. Listen. But be prepared to obey the direction He’s providing you. That makeover won’t do you a bit of good if you don’t pick up the brush.

But I can tell already—you’re both going to look great in that shade of glory!